03 April, 2012

Keaton J. Moore

On the 25th of February, 1994, Keaton was born in Nederland, Texas to Thomas and Melissa Moore, the second of four children. Those children are as follows:
  Nolan Grant Moore 24, Aug. 1990
  Keaton J. Moore 25, Feb. 1994
  Landon Conn Moore 8, Nov. 1995
  India Elise Moore 20, March 1999
  His first word was “Thank you” shortly followed in succession by “Please”, “Mom”, and “Dad”. By the time he was 20 months old his intelligence was clear as he was speaking in full sentences. When Landon was born, he is remembered to have asked “Whose baby is that?”
  When he was 17 months old he managed to get his hands on a medication called Campho Phenique. He opened the container and ingested some of this medicine. The exact amount that he ingested is unknown, but he went straight to his mother doing laundry and told her that it tasted bad. He had spilled part of the medication on his clothing, and he had the smell of it on his breath. He was rushed to the hospital and had his stomach pumped. Ever after he has lived (and almost died) by that same policy of learning through personal experience.
Since then he has grown both physically, mentally and spiritually. As part of this growth, he has developed many physical talents. When he was 13, he learned to ride a rip stick. One day, while riding, he turned sharply, and managed to catch his heel on a roll of sheet metal lying in the driveway, between the cars. Doing so lacerated his Achilles' tendon, almost severing it. He immediately received a priesthood blessing, and over a healing period of several months, and a surgery, he was restored to full health, and mobility. He has also developed a personal exercise regimen and a healthy diet to continue strengthening his body.
  Despite various setbacks, nothing has managed to prevent him from living life to it’s fullest. After his recovery he decided that he wanted to learn how to do a backflip. Thus he began gymnastics lessons. In under a year, he had not only mastered doing backflips, but was also hired on as a gymnastics coach and assigned his own class to teach. This coming from a boy who had almost no hope of ever walking again on his own.
  He has taught himself to juggle everything from clubs to fireballs, as well as ride a unicycle. He has even conquered the elusive feat of doing them simultaneously.
He is one to try any good thing once. He is very athletic and a hard worker. He enjoys snowboarding, surfing (Despite injuries), and any other physical activity imaginable.
  He is an experienced traveller and loves people, and assimilates well in other cultures. He has travelled all over the United States of America, in addition to having visited Mexico, England and his father’s mission in Toronto, Canada.
  He also had the opportunity to pick up his older brother, Nolan, from his mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Though unable to speak the language of the people, he was able to have an impact upon them, and learned to love their culture, and their food.
  In new circumstances, Keaton prefers to stand back and observe, to gain his bearings, which takes little time. Once a situation begins to feel more familiar, he is very outgoing, and quite talkative.
  He is one of those people that is good at whatever it may be that he tries. He once prayed for weeks that he would be able to take violin lessons, in addition to his piano lessons. When he was finally permitted to learn, he placed first in his division in all of his competitions. He continues to play piano, while making a name for himself in college, as he prepares to serve a mission.
  For having dedicated himself to his studies, he is very knowledgeable in many areas, and is well known for his quick wit. He is comfortable in speaking with adults, and has on multiple occasions has inquired concerning their professions, and their advice as he plans for his future. He wants to be a radiologist, and public speaker, and has studied accordingly.
  He is very determined to succeed, and has demonstrated this determination on multiple occasions. One of his conquests was to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Upon this achievement, he expounded his ability to solve, not only the common 3x3 Rubik’s cube, but also the 4x4 and the 5x5, and to lower the time that it took to solve each one.
  He has also studied to become a computer technician, as well as having studied multiple books on time management. He has a great sense of humor and a quick wit, as well as an impeccable memory for jokes, punch lines, and movie quotes. He is always fun to be around and everyone loves him. A stake leader once said, “Not only is he the best kid in the stake, he’s arguably the best looking too.” Several mothers have attempted arranged marriages for their daughters.
In addition to his scholastic studies, he has also studied character development and life skills extensively, and as such is able to be a good influence in the lives of all those whom he comes in contact with. In his pursuit to study life skills he has amassed a formidable library of books by leading experts on leading a successful life.
  He is very patient and good with children. When his family once attempted to adopt 3 little children, he gave them his heart and dedicated himself to their care, despite the challenges which that presented.
  At the age of 17 he achieved the rank of Eagle scout, demonstrating beyond all doubt his abilities to lead and his determination to succeed. His character is unwavering. He does not lower his standards. In response to his steadfastness, many people raise their standards to meet his. Everyone who knows him loves him, and is very impressed with him.
  Keaton is very well rounded, and so takes care of himself mentally, physically, and also spiritually. He is currently on track to receiving his Duty to God award, and is active in church as well as fulfilling all his duties and responsibilities.
 He knows the difference between right and wrong, and always seeks for excellence. As such, he is often a good deal harder on himself than many people are. To meet his self imposed demands, he has developed great self discipline. Resultantly, he is constantly improving.
  As a college student, and even before, Keaton remains busy, yet he always sees to it that he studies his scriptures on a daily basis. Frequently, without regard to his work load, he will return home from school, turn to the Lord and study his scriptures, even before beginning his homework.
  He is always looking to share the gospel with others, and always offers rides to church and seminary to those less actives whom he knows. Oft times, they tag along with him wherever he goes, and he is always patient when they want to stay at his house. Due to his patience, and his self discipline, he has never had any problems with girls, despite all the girls that chase him.
  With all of his studies, he has learned to be a great speaker in sacrament meeting, able to inspire many. With his intelligence and many talents, he has developed his own testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. He not only follows the Lord, but Loves him, and keeps his commandments willingly, because he understands their importance.
None can refute his righteousness, nor his good example. He is a light unto all that know him, and an asset to whomever may require his assistance. He has filled his life with good, and has been favored of the Lord for it. He will one day make a magnificent missionary, husband and father. Of that, none can doubt.

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